Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up again, according to TMZ. The couple had a massive argument while on vacation over NYE and decided to once again call it quits. They broke up in November last year, but were back together within in two weeks- such is young love- but according to a NY Daily insider, Gomez's partying was just too much for Bieber. 

"They keep breaking up and getting back together," the insider told the website. "It's an on-again, off-again relationship. It's probably not correct to characterize this as a final breakup." Adding that "She's been giving him a really hard time. She's been partying without him, and it drives him crazy."

To make the week worse, a paparazzo was killed while chasing Bieber's car for a picture. Justin wasn't actually in the car at the time, it was a friend of his driving, but that didn't stop the photog claiming that he was convinced Justin was smoking pot from a pipe in the car earlier in the day. Justin totally denies this, naturally. Despite it being a pretty bad beginning to 2013 for the young star, the rest of the year is bound to be brighter. His 'Believe Acoustic' tour is set to begin at the end of the month and his fans are excited.