Justin Bieber you fool! You could have saved yourself a pretty penny this Christmas if you’d just stayed single. As it happens though it looks like what the ‘Believe’ star wants for Christmas is really his old girlfriend, Selena Gomez, back. Which means he’s going to have to buy her a present now; the thrifty of us would’ve waited until the New Year to reunite. Maybe that’s why we’re single though.

Anyway, E! Online are reporting that the pair – who reportedly split up last month after citing busy schedules – appear to be back together, with photos catching them having a good old smooch in the airport at Salt Lake City, with Gomez at one point sitting on the 18 year-old’s lap and cuddling him. Lovely stuff.

Indeed, the whole break up’s been a massive cop out on the pair’s part. No sooner had they announced their apparent split than they were getting spotted together in restaurants and various other public places and so rumors that they were getting back together have been going on for a month or so. Bieber’s fans don’t seem happy though, with one particularly enraged tweeter writing: “@selenagomez U UGLYSLUT That was u with Justin Ur gonna get even more hate go hide ur f*ckin slutty faceWe all know ur using@justinbieber”. Oof.