The world has been crashing down on Justin Bieber all at once these past two weeks. From getting kicked out of a London club, to being late for shows and hunted down by paparazzi – it ain’t easy being a 19-year-old under the spotlight. Is it any wonder then that with 7 million “friends” at his fingertips, the man once again took to Twitter to vent his frustration with the world? But with all of his complaints over various social media outlets, is Justin being too touchy lately?

One man who seems to think so, is media strategist Howard Bragman, Vice Chairman of digital privacy experts, MTV reports: "The best advice I give to celebrities is that they need to develop a thick skin,” he commented on Bieber’s recent string of Twitter and Instagram rants, “and this is clearly one young man who hasn’t done that.” There’s obviously some truth to Bragman’s words, but Justin certainly isn’t the first celebrity to abuse social networks and overshare and he won’t be the last one. The young Hollywood generation – from Rihanna and Chris Brown to Miley Cyrus – all seem to be as addicted to social networks as they are to spray tans and whatever the latest exercise craze is. Bragman did offer some sage advise to Justin and other celebs in a similar situation – just let it roll off your back. "He's making it a bigger story instead of just letting it go away. He's a 19-year-old kid, so he shares some of the responsibility, but the bigger responsibility is to the people around him — his manager, publicist and agent — the grown ups who are supposed to give this kid counsel."

That all sounds like perfectly reasonable advise, but it does raise the question – with JB away from social networks, what will be left to keep the devoted Believers glued to Instagram and safely away from the outside world?  

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber in concert - he's been getting a rough time from the press of late

Justin BieberJustin Bieber - the young star has been offered some words of advice