Justin Bieber's new acoustic album features three new tracks.

The 'Boyfriend' singer is set to release 'Believe Acoustic' on January 29 and it will include previously unreleased songs 'I Would', 'Yellow Raincoat' and 'Nothing Like Us'.

'Nothing Like Us' was written and produced solely by Justin and is described as giving ''an unprecedented and intimate glimpse of young love.''

Fans will certainly be looking at the tracks in a new light after Justin split with his on/off girlfriend Selena Gomez over New Year in Mexico.

It is already thought the track 'Yellow Raincoat' is about her, after she was pictured wearing the titular item of clothing on a visit to theme park Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

The new songs will sit alongside tracks from Justin's last album, 'Believe' including singles 'Beauty And A Beat' and 'All Around The World'.

Previously speaking about the album, the 18-year-old star said: ''It's something the fans really like. Because I started out on YouTube just playing my guitar, just singing without all the production, so I like to just put out acoustic albums. I think it's more intimate.''

'Believe Acoustic' tracklisting:

1. 'Boyfriend'

2. 'As Long As' You Love Me'

3. 'Beauty And A Beat'

4. 'She Don't Like The Lights'

5. 'Take You'

6. 'Be Alright'

7. 'All Around The World'

8. 'Fall'

9. 'I Would'

10. 'Yellow Raincoat'

11. 'Nothing Like Us'