It’s a new year and a new start, but it’s the same old story with Justin Bieber. The Boyfriend singer, who ended 2013 with a flop movie and a flop album, is continuing his antics this year – according to TMZ, the Biebz has started the pranks a few months late for Halloween. Seasonally appropriate or not, in the end Justin has been busted for egging a neighbor’s house. Not the most dignified way to start off the year.

Justin Bieber, Believe World Premiere
Apparently Justin Bieber isn't retired. At least not from the tabloids.

Justin must have a serious grudge against the aforementioned neighbor, because the video obtained by TMZ shows quite a vicious exchange. The video is dark, but you can hear the neighbor yelling, "I see you. I f**king see you!"

Then Justin yells back, "F**k you! I got another one for you, actually!"

Justin Bieber, In Concert
The singer is under investigation for vandalism.

Justin doesn’t seem too bothered about being filmed. This could turn into a problem for the young singer, however, since the Biebs is now suspect in a vandalism investigation. The attack reportedly took place on Thursday evening. The unnamed neighbor heard a banging against the wall of his Calabasas home and stepped out onto the second story balcony. According to the report that was when he saw Bieber hurling eggs at the side of the house. The LA County Sheriff was called on the site while the eggs were still flying, TMZ reports.

Justin Bieber
His singing days might be behind him (probably not), but Justin is still making headlines.