Justin Bieber is evidently gradually learning humility from his chastening experience in Manchester, which saw him turned away from the night club Sankey’s, after he’d performed in the north west UK city last week. However, he’s not quite there yet, if reports that the teenager’s been asking for £15,000 to appear at clubs in London this week are true. Steep.

Justin Bieber Projekt London 2013

Presumably this was when JB found out he was getting his £15k

Thankfully, the nightclub Project in London, who he’d asked for the dough, had much the same attitude as Sankey’s, though they at least let him in this time. "Justin left his central London hotel at 1am and headed to Project. He outrageously had his people phone ahead to ask the club for a £15,000 appearance fee” and insider told the Daily Star. "The club declined to pay, but said the teen superstar was more than welcome anyway. Justin took it on the chin, and headed along. But a few people were saying it was a bit embarrassing to show up with his tail between his legs."

Justin Bieber In London 2013

It was great news for these girls though, who were handpicked to go back to his hotel with him

According to the eyewitness the Canadian didn’t stay too long – he’d probably not bothered to withdraw cash after expecting a fee at the venue – and headed on to another spot. It’s believed that this time he didn’t ask Dstrkt nightclub for an appearance fee in advance, and just turned up. Clearly he’s started to get the jist of this going out in the UK thing i.e. you can’t just ask for random lumps of money from the club you feel like going to. It was all good in the end though, he left Dstrkt with three different girls, including rumoured new girlfriend Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke.