A now 19-year-old Justin Bieber showed the kind of excitement a boy of 10 would about his birthday bless him. He was really looking forward to his big night, but then some pesky security guys ruined it, making Bieber sad.

“Big night ahead" read the post on his Twitter account. See, Biebz threw himself a big bash – kind of like one of those My Sweet 16 things, remember them? Just bratty teenagers with hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on one night, and if anything goes wrong, then they cry and act like they’ve been hard done by. Bieber isn’t quite like that though; he threw himself a big, circus-themed party at London’s Cirque du Soir, invited all his best friends, including his rumoured new flame, Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke. But then, disaster struck, and there was a confrontation between Bieber’s entourage (teenagers getting drunk) and the club’s security (sick of teenagers being drunk). This made Biebz and his peeps SO angry, they just left - toys anywhere but the pram and one J. Bieber, tweeting his disappointment. “Worst birthday." he posted. Aww. Maybe he is a bit like a bratty teenager?

Justin Bieber returns to his hotel after performing at Birmingham's National Indoor Arena. The star stopped and posed for pictures with fans topless before being ushered off by his security.

Bieber's lost his shirt! Lucky he's 'ripped'.

This is just a one-off show of petulance and immaturity, though, isn’t it? He hasn’t ripped off his shirt to show everyone his new muscles on a freezing night in March, has he? Hang on; he did that in Birmingham last night. It looks like the sooner Bieber’s British odyssey is over, the better.