Justin Bieber has been having to put up with comparisons to legendary pop singer Justin Timberlake ever since he announced that he was to go in a more grown up direction with his new album 'Beautiful.' No surprise then to see that another link has been made, this time by MTV, that the video for Bieber's new video for 'Boyfriend' isn't too dissimilar from the video for the song of the same name performed by N-Sync back in 2001 when they too sought to move to a more grown up sound.
Bieber himself couldn't see the comparison; "I haven't seen it," he said. However he admitted he's "definitely" been influenced by Timberlake. "He was young, and he did it, and he was really amazing and had such amazing music," Bieber commented. "I can't say that I would be upset when someone compares me to him," though he did add "I just feel like my music is going a completely different route, but ... hats go off to him."
The concepts of the two videos are both similar, depicting laid-back parking-lot parties that go from hazy afternoons to moonlit evenings, filled with cars, hot girls, bling and hip-hop-influenced dance breaks. Obviously, too, with the song's being titled the same you might be able to make a solid link between the pair - or maybe the press are just getting increasingly desperate to do so.