The video for Justin Bieber’s Beauty and a Beat (featuring Nicki Minaj) has set a record on VEVO for the highest number of views in a single day.

It looks as though the protracted ‘stolen laptop’ hoax did the trick for Bieber, with around 10.6 million people viewing the video in the space of just 24 hours, according to Ace Showbiz. He’s swiped the title from the hands of British boy band One Direction, who held the previous record of 8.2 million views for their single Live While We’re Young.

The video for Beauty and a Beat is set up to form part of the ‘stolen laptop’ narrative that Bieber and his PR team cunningly set up last week. Bieber posted a number of messages on his Twitter page, claiming that a laptop had ben stolen from his manager’s office whilst he performed onstage and that the person who stole it was tweeting him threatening to put private video footage online It wasn’t long before people cottoned on to the fact that it was all just a PR stunt for the release of the video but it certainly seemed to work!

Bieber wasn’t about to take all the glory, though; he remembered to thank Nicki once the news broke that he’d smashed 24 hr record and tweeted “Hey @nickiminaj - thanks for being a part of this. :) #HISTORY.” The video itself shows Justin larking around at a giant pool party, flirting with the camera and telling the world he wants to party like it’s 3012, without actually going into much detail with regards to what that might entail, exactly. Our guess is it probably won’t include listening to Justin Bieber records.