Did anyone else's jaw drop when finding out that recently shamed pot sensation (ahem - I meant 'pop' sensation) Justin Bieber was set to appear on NBC's satire show 'Saturday Night Live' as guest host only days after his smoking pictures surfaced? We were pretty surprised but, we have to say, we can't think of anything better Justin could do to nurse his soiled reputation than to subject himself to a real ripping from the SNL crew. He's even giving them autonomy when it comes to jokes. Perhaps a little embarrassment will ensue, but we're sure he's not going to regret making the decision to appear.

Here's some of our reasons why Justin would definitely be doing the right thing by hosting the late night sketch show.

It's time to turn from tween to +teen

For the most part SNL is a grown-up program so if he conducts himself well on the show, he could find himself with a bunch of new fans of different ages which can only be a good thing. Perhaps it's a little sooner than his record label would've liked, but Justin's got to change his brand and almost become a new entity in the pop world. The clever and witty writers at SNL A combined with a huge national audience, might just be the thing to help him breakthrough. This is, of course, so long as he doesn't say anything dumb like refer to the Sistine Chapel as 'the sixteenth chapel' like he did on 'The Late Show with David Letterman', or make a suggestion that British Royal Prince William take hair-growth products. We're praying for him!

It will add comic relief to the grim negativity surrounding the scandal.

It was really a bad time for that photo of Justin smoking a joint to come up on TMZ as, only days before, he was dragged into reports of paparazzo Chris Guerra being fatally hit by a car after trying to snap Justin's Ferrari which was being pulled over by police at the time. If that wasn't bad enough, as soon as the photo surfaced, shocked fans started to trend #cut4bieber on Twitter; a campaign encouraging each other to self-harm in order to persuade Justin to quit the drug. The whole thing has been blown out of proportion but we think SNL can save Justin's turbulent New Year with a more light-hearted attitude - so long as he can handle the shame.

It will help the situation to blow over.

While Justin is silent on the matter, people will continue to make speculations about his lifestyle and make reports on his every Tweet looking for some hidden meaning which can only exacerbate things for him. However, if he lets the subject arise on national TV, everybody finds out what he has to say about it at the same time and no-one has to speculate anymore - in theory. It will certainly make it less of a big deal and more of a just-another-dumb-thing-Justin-Bieber-did story for the archives.

There's little danger of over-trivialisation.

Making a joke out of something like this is probably the best way to calm the nerves of Bieber and his management team. But, at the same time, if not made in the right context, there could be a danger of making the idea of marijuana trivial which isn't the best message to send out to his army of underage Beliebers. 'Saturday Night Live', while loved by everyone, is essentially a 'grown-up' program more likely to appeal to the parents and older siblings of his fans. It's probably the best place to cool down the drama without making his 12 and 14-year-old followers think that drugs are just a cool thing kids like Justin do. 

He's more likely to gain respect for his willingness to confront the situation.

He's been known as this squeaky clean, Beliebing, pop kid for the entirety of his career and now that he's old enough to make his own choices and live his own life, the mistakes he makes are considered downright outrageous. In order for people to forgive him, they need to remove him from the pedestal he's constantly being thrust upon and realise that he is only human - and a teenager. We're not saying that one TV appearance is going to change the way people obsess over him, but it will at least remind people that, in respect of this situation, he's not the Golden Boy everyone expects him to be. If he can show this along with a willingness to be self-deprecating, more people are going to like him purely for prizing humility over pride.


'Not going for the Sixteenth Chapel'