We still look at Justin Bieber and see that adorable 12 year old playing drums in poor quality YouTube videos. These days he sings about being your boyfriend and is in videos with scantily clad ladies, so we really shouldn't be that surprised that a pretty blonde Brit wearing a silky translucent blouse that bares all left his hotel having arrived the night before. We shouldn't be surprised, but we are.

Justin Bieber's female companions

The blonde at the back was seen leaving his hotel this morning

Justin Bieber and his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez broke up over new year, but as Bieber's tour finds itself in the UK he finds himself barred from a Manchester club, but perhaps not barred from the other delights that England has to offer. As Hollywood Life reports, the blonde left the hotel in the same outfit as she had been wearing the night before and they had also been seen together partying at Project Nightclub in the city centre. 

Plus, he's also been seen three times with a British model, Ella-Paige Roberts in and around London over the past week. It certainly seems as though Biebs is enjoying his single-life, although judging by the abundance of theological tattoos we're thinking he might be keeping it strictly PG, else he'll have more than just his mom or manager to report to. 

Justin Bieber's fashion sense

Bieber left soon after the young blonde, wearing... this.