"Breaking! Exclusive: Justin Bieber to E!online “‘I'm a gay,” read one of the ill-conceived tweets by the hackers of the E!Online Twitter account. The hack happened earlier today and the followers of the E!Online account immediately sensed there was something off. Not only did some of the tweets sound like they were written by a teenager, but they also seemed to contradict each other. Another one of the bizarre tweets read: “E! News Breaking: Justin Bieber arrested in Dubai due to false tweets with him coming out situation developing.” It sounds like the hackers were trying to say that Bieber got arrested in Dubai for coming out, but the tweets don’t exactly make it clear.

This is what a rep from E! News told The Wrap about the hacking: “Eonline's breaking news twitter and sms accounts were compromised today. We're working to have this resolved as quickly as possible and are fully investigating the incident. We apologize for any confusion that the erroneous news alerts may have caused.” So who exactly did the hacking? Well, apparently it wasn’t a highschooler as the questionable grammar would suggest.

According to the website Mashable, The Syrian Electronic Army, a group of hackers aligned with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, is claiming responsibility for the hack. Exactly why Syrian political activists get involved in news feeds about Justin Bieber and Angelina Jolie is unknown.

Justin Bieber, Arnhem
The Biebs might not be gay, but Beliebers are still out of luck since he recently got back together with Selena Gomez.