Justin Bieber has refuted all of his haters and proven his masculinity beyond any doubt by… growing a moustache. The singer released the breathtaking evidence in a sneak peak clip from his upcoming movie Believe. In the short video, the Biebs points out his somewhat sparse facial hair, saying: “That’s how much of a man I am… stache.” There’s even a hashtag, for those eager to take to social media with news of the pop star’s budding facial hair.

Justin Bieber, MGM Grand Garden Arena
With the approaching release of his movie, things are once again getting busy for Justin.

It’s all meant to tie in with the overall theme of the teaser and the movie itself, as summarised by Usher: "As a 19-year-old, Justin is now becoming his own man."

It’s not just talk – apparently Justin is doing all the things that distinguish real functioning adults. The video also features a clip of him holding a coffee mug and proudly proclaiming: "Speaking of grown men, I'm drinking coffee right now."

Check out the "#Stache" clip below.

One person, who is less enthusiastic about Bieber’s newly achieved maturity is his mother, Patty Malette, who is also featured in the teaser, adding: "I think it's hard for parents to let go, but I think that it's really exciting, too, to see him maturing."

At least the fans are well pleased with the promotional clip though. The response was almost instant, after Justin tweeted the following: