Justin Bieber has poked fun at a recent video which has been circulating online, showing him involved in a fist fight with a much bigger man. The video was published by TMZ on June 8 and showed Bieber throwing a punch at the man before getting knocked to the ground.

In a video posted to Instagram Bieber is seen watching a video with his friend and asks, "Is that a fighting video? Because fighting's not cool.” His friend then responds: "I know. That's why you don't take on 6'5 guys.” Ouch.

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The brawl took place outside Bieber’s hotel in downtown Cleveland just after 11pm on Wednesday night, according to TMZ. Earlier in the evening Bieber had been in attendance for game three of the NBA Finals, and was wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt.

Bieber’s recent ‘erratic’ behaviour is said to be worrying fans and those closest to him, who fear the singer’s Purpose world tour has been taking too much of a toll. Just over a month ago the singer took to Instagram to tell fans he was tired of being asked for pictures.

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But speaking to People magazine last month, a source close to the 22-year-old said that Bieber was doing fine and was just finding ways to focus. The source said Bieber "is not losing it. He's just trying to find ways to focus. Visiting parks and meditating calms him.”