Miley Cyrus took a stance on the disturbing “cut4Bieber” Twitter trend last night by re-tweeting another user’s comments on the bizarre campaign.

The trend was started when a group of 4chan users decided to start a mock protest against Justin Bieber’s alleged marijuana use, encouraging his fans to cut themselves in protest at the allegations and the emergence of recent photos of Bieber smoking.

The escalation of the trend sparked a huge amount of Twitter debate last night (January 7, 2012) and Miley showed her concern by re-tweeting the user @officialCANCER who tweeted “‪#cutforbieber? Cutting is NOT something to joke about. There are people who are actually suffering from self-harm, this is so disrespectful.” Though Miley did post any comments of her own, she obviously felt the need to highlight how she felt about it.

Although most responses to the trend have been comic ones, The Daily Mail reports that some pictures tweeted with the accompanying #cut4Bieber tag have seemed as though they could be photos of actual self-harm. On the whole, however, there has been a lot of ketchup wasted in the name of comedy and a lot of pictures of people cutting cannabis plants that have balanced out the tweets from people showing disgust at the hashtag. 

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