Conor Maynard has a ''different sound'' to Justin Bieber.

The teenage 'Can't Say No' singer was spotted after posting videos to YouTube and has an army of young screaming female fans, but insists that's where comparisons with Justin end.

He said: ''It's very flattering to be compared to someone who is so massive in the music industry.

''At the same time, in terms of our music, it cuts through comparisons, it's kind of a different sound, we're both going for different things.''

Conor, 19, says he draws more from his British Roots in his music rather than Canadian born Justin's North American sound.

He added: ''Obviously I'm British as well so it's kind of got a British influence in it, a British sound in some of the tracks that I've done.''

Conor got his first break when a girl spotted him in the street singing to himself and approached him to sing for her.

He explained: ''So they came up to me and I sang and they were like 'Oh, OK, we get it'. And after that I started recording covers because I got a bit tired of singing to every single person in my year, every day, because they wanted to hear it.''