Justin Bieber wears gas mask in London
Justin Bieber just can't quit his crazy antics

Justin Bieber is being investigated after allegedly causing $20,000 worth of damages in a spiteful egg attack on his neighbour's house, but what do the Beliebers think?

Well, lots of them simply didn't believe the news that was reported by TMZ recently. One fan replied to a Tweet from somebody reposting the story with, 'where do you even get this news from? tmz? lmao plz get a life [sic]' suggesting that not all gossip sites can be trusted in regards to Bieber's frequent bad behaviour reports. The evidence could be stronger, but the video footage obtained by TMZ has a very distinct voice in the background.

Another fan seems to have taken the evidence on board, but has reassured everyone that the popstar will pay for the damage he has caused. 'If you are hoping and praying Justin Bieber will go to jail because of the egg tossing it isn't going to happen. He will write a check. [sic]', they said.

Perhaps most intriguing of all, however, was one ruthless fan suggesting that the neighbours deserved what was coming to them. ?@bieberinmypants re-Tweeted TMZ with the response, 'well that's what happens when you egg someone on ha ha ha.'

Whatever fans think, Bieber has failed to come forward to offer an apology let alone a cash sum, but the distinct lack of denial suggests that something may still be amiss.