Is Justin Bieber having any early mid-life crisis? The young popster got pulled over by the cops last night (November 13, 2012), as he went screeching around West Hollywood in a Ferrari, with a pal riding shotgun.

You could probably forgive Bieber for deciding to have mid-life crisis at the age of 18. After all, he’s been a hard-working, world famous pop star since he was just a kid, he’s just split up with his long-term girlfriend. If it wasn’t for the baby face of his, he’d probably be looking in the mirror and feeling a bit middle-aged anyway.

It’s been a hell of a weekend of Bieber. Not only has he just split with Selena Gomez, citing the pressures of their work schedules as the reason, he also spent a large part of the weekend hanging out with a bunch of Victoria’s Secret models. And now he’s getting himself busted by the cops in a Ferrari! If that doesn’t sound like a case of early-onset mid-life crisis, we don’t know what does.

TMZ have reported that Bieber was busted by the cops at around 6:30pm. Being the smooth operator that he is, Bieber even managed to get a quick snap of the red and blue police lights in the rear view mirror and post it on Instagram, the cheeky scamp. Justin’s clearly having a bit of a blow-out after splitting up with Selena – will this be the last we see of his OTT behaviour?