Bieber may sue guests. Justin Bieber is apparently making any guests in his house sign a contract that guarantees confidentiality on their behalf, TMZ report. The singer's bizarre security check threatens would-be squealers with a lawsuit of up to $5 million should they decide to mention the gathering with anyone that wasn't present.

TMZ have the full document available to read on their website, which states that anyone on his premises are completely responsible should they wish to partake in any "potentially hazardous" activities. The document also threatens action against anyone who blogs, Tweets, Instagrams or does anything else like that whilst in his Calabasas, California house, noting that any "physical health, or the philosophical, spiritual or other views or characteristics" mentioned at a gathering is completely confidential.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber doesn't want to be caught out at a party, again

Beibs has been snapped in a variety of compromising positions whilst at parties in the past, so the move might be a smart one on his behalf. The move is already a standard practice among celebs anyway and really who can blame him for doing this. After his pot-smoking debacle earlier this year, and the subsequent bad vibes that he has had to endure ever since - culminating in his boo-heavy reception at the Billboard Awards last weekend - the move could turn out to be a smart one.

Bieber was given the cold shoulder by the audience at the Sunday (May 19) ceremony during his acceptance speech for the 'Milestone' award, in which he demanded that he be taken more seriously from now on. Check out the video below (skip to the end).

Justin Bieber
'Snitch and I'll sue'