A sure-fire way to know if a celeb's been bad, mucked up or cheesed off their PR people is seeing them visit a hospital within the month of alleged incident. Justin Bieber was photographed with what looked suspiciously like a joint in his hand, and he's been to visit a cancer patient in hospital, E! report.  

Now we're not saying that Bieber smoked pot, or that he's doing his hospital visit for anything other than love and compassion; we're just throwing some ideas out there. Justin paid a visit to Millie Flam, a 7-year-old girl battling cancer who was devastated to miss out on one of his concerts due to her life-threatening illness. "All of a sudden it pulled through and we were able to do a really intimate little meeting with just her and us and Justin, and it was incredible and he was so sweet to her," Her mom, Amanda Flamm said. "He walked in and her whole face just lit up, and she turned around and hugged her dad, and then he ran over and came next to her and gave her a big hug." Biebs also sang 'Baby' to young Millie, and handed her his guitar pick. "She is squeezing onto it with all her might and will not let it go," Millie's mom said.

It's mighty nice of Bieber to take time out of his busy schedule, and we just hope the whole situation was genuine. Most of all, though, we want to wish Millie Flam a full recovery.