There is a lot about Justin Bieber to be laughed at. His interesting choice of drop crotch pants, wearing dungarees to greet the Canadian Prime Minister, his hair and his music are found amusing by many, however, we have to admit he's a dynamic little sprite. 

After being a singer, rapper, drummer, and tying his hand at acting, appearing in CSI, now ABC is taking it upon themselves to team up with the teenage superstar to create a comedy series about his pre-fame and fortune life. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter the 'single camera comedy' has been given a 'script commitment' by the network, which is a big deal. They described it as a "family show inspired by Bieber's unconventional upbringing... and centers on a teenage music prodigy." 

The team already on board for the project is fairly impressive. The writing team is Entourage's scribing duo Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi, while executive producing the whole shibang will be Bieber himself and his manager. The era in which it's going to be set saw the beginnings of the world's saturation of Bieber's YouTube videos and his old trademark of the side swept hair. 

There's no word as yet about when it will air and it's very early stages yet, but we can't say no to the promise more reasons to have a quiet chuckle at Biebz.