Justin Bieber hasn't given up on his relationship with Selena Gomez just yet, at least that's what sources close to the pair have said to TMZ.

Apparently, there are two things that need to be taken into consideration before the split is to be taken seriously and that's that Justin isn't involved with anyone yet and he still thinks a reconciliation is on the cards.

Ok, so we've seen Biebs with Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin, but if we're to believe what the TMZ sources are saying, then there really is nothing to the pictures and they're just that, pictures. On top of this, apparently Biebs and Gomez have called it quits in the past, but this time just happens to be the longest they've gone without getting back together. As such, the Canadian teen heart-throb is still confident that he and Selena can get back together in the near future.

Unfortunately for Biebs though, a source close to Selena has apparently stated that a reconsiliation is not likely, as the Disney star has decided that enough is enough and the two need to move on now, before it's too late. The unknown source told Gossip Cop: “They are done. I can’t imagine them getting back together.”

What do you think? Will they, or wont they?