Justin Bieber and James Blunt teamed up for an odd musical skit on America's ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW on Wednesday (09Feb11) when they offered up suggestions for what Lady GaGa's new tune BORN THIS WAY will sound like.
The song will be released to radio stations on Friday (11Feb11) - and no one knows what it sounds like. But that didn't stop Bieber, Blunt and DeGeneres from guessing.
Blunt offered up a revamped version of his hit You're Beautiful, before Bieber took the stage behind a drumkit and keyboard and offered his suggestion.
Brit Blunt interrupted the rendition by again singing the Born This Way lyrics to the tune of his You're Beautiful song, and when Bieber pointed this out, he quipped, "Listen kid, I've been doing this for years; I know what I'm doing!"