Justin Bieber’s alleged drug photos have caused quite a stir, coming just a few days after a paparazzo was killed after apparently claiming to have seen the young pop star smoking weed. We’re guessing that Justin Bieber’s security team have been getting a stern talking to from his management team after photos of Bieber smoking weed made their way online over the weekend.

According to a further report from TMZ, anyone partying with Bieber is usually warned that any photos that they take when they’re with him do not belong to them. According to the report, Bieber’s team “routinely place a sign in places where Justin parties” to warn hangers-on that the photos they take belong to Justin. We’re not sure entirely how that works legally, but regardless, these photos have slipped through the net somehow; perhaps his security team took a break when these snaps were taken. The photos allegedly show Justin Bieber smoking weed at a Newport Beach Hotel. There are no signs evident in the photographs and it seems that the security team may have failed to “manage” this particular social situation and the result is that it’s landed Justin in some serious hot water.

This isn’t the first that we’ve heard of Justin smoking weed. Rumours have been circulating online for a couple of weeks, suggesting that Bieber isn’t quite the angel that his label and management team would have you believe. The spotlight’s on Bieber now, after the death of the paparazzo and now these allegations of drug use. He’d better start behaving himself or he’ll find himself joining the ranks of countless young stars that go off the rails.