Justin Bieber fans, dubbed 'Beliebers', are notoriously a bit... well... mad. Mostly they're the hormone-fuelled 13 year-olds that every mother fears their daughter will grow into, bent on obsession and female bonding, which they do by jointly turning on anyone that either disagrees with them or does something to evoke that primal jealousy that can so vehemently erupt into a nasty case of inter-woman bullying. That is precisely what happened when a British teenager was retweeted by Justin Bieber to his 35 million superfans.

"Not really a fan of Justin Bieber but his acoustic album is really good," Courtney Barrasford tweeted. Justin Bieber retweeted what she had said and within hours she had been bombarded with torrents of vile abuse from his fans who regarded her approval of his album to be a disavowal of true faith; having claimed that she was 'not really a fan', clearly she didn't deserve his hallowed attention, which she had unwittingly got. "They were saying I was pregnant with his child and my child would be a prostitute," she explained to the Metro. 

Other messages included 'you're not a fan, go kill yourself' and 'just tell her to die and leave Justin alone.' Truly disgusting behaviour, and even more abhorrent in the knowledge that it is neither the first, nor probably the last time that such atrocious words have come from Beliebers. Selena Gomez got her fair share of abuse when she was dating him as well. As Courtney's mum has said, "It got out of control. These sites need more monitoring."