Justin Bieber's devoted fans might have to make sure that they are sitting down before watching the video for his latest single 'As Long As You Love Me.' Even the hardiest of Beliebers will surely find it hard to watch their beloved Justin getting an almighty beating, even if it is all in the name of art. Or even if it is all in the name of selling records and making money. Before the song kicks in, the five minute video starts with an exchange between Justin and Michael Madsen, who plays the father of a girl that Bieber's keen on.

Madsen warns him to stay away. But does he? Does he, heck! He's Justin Bieber! He'll fight for the girl! He will fight for her and he will drive around in fancy cars whilst he sings about their relationship. And he will dance with other girls in a grubby looking car park whilst he carries on singing about her. And his hair will barely move whilst he does all of these things, Because he is Justin Bieber. Little does the leather-clad Bieber know, but Madsen is busy plotting to track them down and beat the living daylights out of young Justin.

Even Big Sean, who contributes a rap to the song, can't save young Bieber, who ends the video trying to stand up to Madsen but ultimately, gets himself thrown across the bonnet of a car and getting face smashed in. No sniggering at the back, please.