Last week, Justin Bieber came of age and turned 18. And following his birthday appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show, the question on everybody's lips is. 'What on earth is a Fisker Karma?'

Justin Bieber's long-term manager, Scooter Braun, had an impressive surprise for the teenage star during his chat show slot with Ellen. Breaking his own rule of "don't get anything flashy. Be humble," Scooter presented the teenager with a $100,000 electric car, with solar panels, A.K.A. a Fisker Karma. Scooter bought the car for Justin so that he could drive himself around, safe in the knowledge that - like fellow Fisker owners Leonardo Dicaprio and Ashton Kutcher - he would be causing minimal damage to the environment in his eco-friendly vehicle. According to USA Today, the Karma is "capable of going 33 miles or more on electric power alone before its gas engine kicks in. It can be recharged overnight in a garage from a standard electrical outlet." The design of the Karma is so conscientious that it even has a separate model that is 100% free from animal products, meaning that no leather interiors are included.

Fisker is a relatively new start-up car company and the Karma was conceptualized by the Danish designer Henrik Fisker. Henrik is best known for his auto designs at BMW. He took a mock-up of the car to the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit and with a new Democratic administration looking to invest in eco-friendly ventures, he had timed it just right.