Imagine a pair of bubble-headed teenage girls plunked down in the middle of "All the President's Men," then transform the major Watergate players (Nixon, Woodward, Bernstein, Liddy, et al) into oafs, and you have the recipe for "Dick," a nimbly-witted marriage of teenage social slapstick and political satire.

A cross-generational comedy that quickly lays out historical details for the uninitiated, then sets about clowning with the fuzzier facts, the movie stars Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams as a couple of dim and giggly 15-year-olds who stumble onto the Watergate break-in (one of them lives in the hotel), then become witnesses to President Nixon's cover-up, after being spotted on a White House tour and appointed "official White House dog-walkers" in order to keep them close and find out what they know.

Since their lives revolve around lip gloss and Bobby Sherman, it takes these two ditzes a while to catch on. After getting lost in the executive mansion, their new buddy President Nixon (a perfectly cast Dan Hedaya) plays off the document-shredding they've seen as a crafts project. "Paper mache is a hobby of mine," he grunts, momentarily unfurrowing his brow.

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