Juliette Lewis adores being a rock star, because she enjoys a constant influx of weird and wonderful gifts from devoted fans.

The 32-year-old lead singer of Juliette And The Licks is always thrilled by the curious presents her groupies bring, which have so far included a rubber duck, a pair of men's underpants and a bullet.

She says, "They're the people who wear home-made shirts that say 'Lick Me' on them. I like to call them 'Lick Lovers'.

"I have seen them at loads of gigs we've been doing in Europe. They're as cute as can be and they give me presents. I've been given a rubber duck, a pair of boxer shorts, a painting and a bullet.

"People are really imaginative with the gifts they give us and I'm hugely grateful both for the presents and for the surprises.

"I never know what we will be given next."