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Donald Sutherland Calls For Don't Look Now Boycott

Donald Sutherland Julie Christie

The 80 year old appeared opposite Julie Christie in the acclaimed 1973 thriller, which was written and directed by Nicolas Roeg and based on a short story by Daphne du Maurier.

Reports emerged earlier this year (15) suggesting bosses at a major Hollywood studio are preparing to start work on a new version of the film, which features a couple grieving the death of their daughter.

However, original star Sutherland is not happy with the news and has urged potential cast and crew members to stay away from the project.

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Kate Hudson Gets Fashion Inspiration From Cher

Kate Hudson Cher Julie Christie Anita Pallenberg Kate Moss

Kate Hudson gets her fashion inspiration from Cher.

The 36-year-old actress, who is fronting the Jimmy Choo autumn/winter campaign, has admitted she sees the 69-year-old singer as her ''icon'' in the fashion world as she's attracted to items with a '70s flare.

Speaking to Jimmy Choo, she said: ''Comfort is definitely the common denominator, which means a lot of pieces that are flowy and light. I've always been attracted to the '70s -- sexy, with a lot of freedom in the overall aesthetic.

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Screen Legend Omar Sharif Dies Aged 83

Omar Sharif David Lean Julie Christie Ed Begley

Omar Sharif, the Egyptian-born actor who rose to global fame following his role in Lawrence of Arabia, has died in Cairo at the age of 83. 

Omar Sharif at Chain of Hope's 2014 Gala BallOmar Sharif conquered the movie world in the 1960s 

David Lean's 1962 epic was Sharif's first English-language film. His role as Sherif Ali won him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor (he lost out to Ed Begley for Sweet Bird of Youth).

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Actresses Boost Fish Campaign With New Photoshoot

Judi Dench Julie Christie Zoe Wanamaker Helena Bonham Carter

In February (15), Bonham Carter stunned fans when she was pictured nude and straddling a giant tuna as part of a drive to urge shoppers to purchase only sustainably caught seafood.

Now her fellow actresses Dench, Christie, and Wanamaker, along with Irish star Fiona Shaw, have taken part in a similar shoot to show their support for the Fishlove campaign.

Dench, who posed clutching a lobster to her chest, says, "The best part of the shoot was that it's not every day you get to cuddle a lobster. The worst part was, I didn't get to eat it!"

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Kiefer Sutherland: 'Dad Spoiled Julie Christie Sex Scene'

Kiefer Sutherland Julie Christie

Actor Kiefer Sutherland was left squirming as a teenager when he watched Julie Christie's sex scene in Don't Look Now because he could not stand seeing the screen siren frolicking with his father.

Donald Sutherland starred alongside the British actress in the creepy 1973 thriller, and their saucy scene was so graphic it sparked controversy when the film was released.

24 star Sutherland admits he was keen to view the explicit footage when he was a teenager, but seeing his father in the scene ruined the excitement.

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Otter Pup

Julie Christie with newborn North American river otter pup - Tilly, the North American river otter at the Oregon Zoo, gave birth to her second pup at Oregon Zoo (Nov 8) The new arrival weighed just shy of 5 ounces at birth and has nearly tripled that thanks to mom's naturally high-fat milk. Julie Christie, the zoo's senior North America keeper said: "We're pretty sure this pup's a male. But Tilly is very protective, so we can't be positive until our vets conduct a more thorough exam." Tilly and her pup are currently in a private maternity den, and it will be another month or two before visitors can see them in their Cascade Stream and Pond habitat. Young river otters usually open their eyes after three to six weeks, and begin walking at about five weeks. Julie Christie says: "Young river otters are very dependent on their moms, and Tilly has been very nurturing. "She did a great job with her first pup, Mo, earlier this year. She raised him up from this tiny, helpless creature into the sleek, agile, full-grown otter he is today. We're confident Tilly will be a great mom to her new pup as well." Keepers have yet to decide on a name for the new pup, though it is likely he will be named after a local river or waterway. Older sibling Mo is short for Molalla, after the Molalla River, whilst mum Tilly is named after the Tillamook River - where she was found orphaned near Johnson Creek in 2009. at just four months old. North American river otters typically give birth from late winter to spring, but Tilly seems to be on her own schedule, keepers say. The breeding season for river otters is December through April, and actual gestation only lasts a couple of months. Unlike their European cousins however, North American river otters usually delay implantation so that the time between conception and birth can stretch to as much as a year. That hasn't been the case with Tilly. Christie said it is also unusual -- though not unheard of -- for an otter to give birth to a single pup, as Tilly has now done twice. Litters - Portland, Oregon, United States - Wednesday 27th November 2013

Julie Christie

Julie Christie Completes Hunger Strike

Julie Christie

Veteran actress Julie Christie has completed a week-long hunger strike in solidarity with the inmates also abstaining from food at U.S. military detention camp Guantanamo Bay.

The Doctor Zhivago star began her self-imposed starvation campaign last Sunday (28Jul13) in support of the Reprieve charity's StandFast for Justice drive, which aims to raise awareness of the 100 inmates currently on hunger strike in the controversial facility.

The actress specifically highlights the plight of British citizen Shaker Aamer, who has been imprisoned for 11 years.

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Robert Redford Was Determined To Track Down Julie Christie For New Film

Robert Redford Julie Christie

Robert Redford spent two months trying to convince British movie icon Julie Christie to sign up for a role in his new political thriller The Company You Keep after tracking her down to a remote part of Spain.

The veteran actor/director was determined to land Christie as a member the anti-Vietnam War activist group the Weather Underground after recalling her earlier days as a rebellious and outspoken "radical", but he had no idea how difficult it would be to find the semi-retired actress and get her to agree to tackle the job.

He tells Wenn, "I saw her (in the role) because I knew her when she was younger. We were both roughly the same age and had film exposure around the same time. I realised that she was radical then and assumed she might stay that way; that would be something to draw on.

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'The Company You Keep' Has Hallmarks Of An Oscar Contender (Trailer & Pictures)

Robert Redford Shia LaBeouf Stanley Tucci Julie Christie Susan Sarandon Terrence Howard Anna Kendrick Nick Nolte

Robert Redford appears to be back on track. Some five years after his disappointing drama 'Lions For Lambs', the Oscar winning director has returned to similar territory with 'The Company You Keep,' a slick looking drama starring an all-star cast. And when we say all-star cast, we really do mean it.

Stanley Tucci as Ray Fuller & Shia LaBeuouf as Ben Shepard In The Company You Keep

Redford stars and directs in the story of Jim Grant, a public interest lawyer and single father living in New York. Shia LaBeouf plays a scruffy intrepid journalist who exposes Grant as a man wanted for a murder he allegedly committed in his days as an anti-war radical. When another member of the Weather Underground - played by Susan Sarandon - is arrested, LaBeouf's Ben Shepard smells an opportunity to make a name for himself with a national story. The superb Stanley Tucci plays his prickly finger-pointing editor (is it us, or was he born to play a prickly finger-pointing editor?) while the excellent Anna Kendrick plays a vulnerable FBI agent. Elsewhere, there's a gruff looking Nick Nolte, the old-hand Richard Jenkins and legendary western actor Sam Elliott. Oh, and there's Brendan Gleeson. And Terrence Howard. And Julie Christie.

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The Company You Keep Trailer

Ben Shepard is a young and ambitious reporter determined to make a name for himself in the media world. When Sharon Solarz, a member of the radical left organisation Weather Underground, is arrested for her involvement in a bank robbery and subsequent murder 30 years ago, Ben smells an important story that could be his big break. Meanwhile, attorney Jim Grant, a single father of an 11-year-old daughter named Isabel who was also involved in the crime, is forced on the run from the FBI as Ben sparks a new manhunt, but on the way he changes course in an effort to expose the truth and prove his innocence. Ben discovers that the whole story is more complicated than he initially thought, particularly as not everyone appears to be who they say they are.

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Film Boss Confirms Don't Look Now Sex Scene 'Was Real'

Donald Sutherland Julie Christie

A former movie boss has confirmed one of the most famous Hollywood rumours - he claims Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie really did have sex in classic thriller Don'T Look Now.

Gossips have speculated for years that the pair's explicit love scene in the 1973 film actually showed unsimulated sex, and now former Variety editor Peter Bart has written about his time onset in his new book, Infamous Players: A Tale of Movies, the Mob, (and Sex).

He was given access to the shoot in his role as a Paramount Pictures executive and claims to have seen Sutherland and Christie filming the thriller's bedroom scene - and he's adamant they weren't acting.

Bart writes in the excerpt obtained by the Hollywood Reporter, "It was clear to me they were no longer simply acting: they were f**king on camera."

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Out And About During The 2009 Toronto Film Festival

Julie Christie Wednesday 16th September 2009 out and about during the 2009 Toronto Film Festival Toronto, Canada

Julie Christie
Julie Christie
Julie Christie
Julie Christie
Julie Christie
Julie Christie

Master Of Ceremonies Bill Paxton Hosts 'Into The Limelight' Project - Eighth Annual Ojai Film Festival 2007

Julie Christie and Producer David Foster - Julie Christie and Producer David Foster Los Angeles, California - Master of Ceremonies Bill Paxton hosts 'Into The Limelight' project - Eighth Annual Ojai Film Festival 2007 Friday 5th October 2007

Julie Christie and Producer David Foster
Julie Christie, David Foster and Vimos Zsigmond
Julie Christie, David Foster and Laurie Kirby
Julie Christie

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