A new cast update for The Hunger Games trilogy states that Julianne Moore is set to join the team for the third installment in the franchise – Mockingjay. According to a report by Deadline, nothing is set in stone, but Lionsgate – the production company behind the adaptations – as well as director Francis Lawrence have their sights set on the Oscar-winner for a part in the third movie. The role she is being considered for is that of President Alma Coin – a manipulative rebel leader, who uses the protagonist Katniss Everdeen for her own fanatical goals.

Julianne Moore, Met Gala
Moore might be the latest addition to the cast.

Obviously, casting an actress of Moore’s caliber could add a whole new layer of depth to the character, however, nothing is certain yet. Meanwhile, most of the original cast members will be returning for the third film – Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutchenson and Liam Hemsworth will all be back in the next installment to hit theatres – Catching Fire.

Before that, however, they might have another big engagement, namely, promoting the film on a special Hunger Games panel during San Diego Comic Con in July. Comic Con is arguably the biggest sci-fi and fantasy event of the year, so the Hunger Games panel will fit right in with the crowd. The only question now is whether Lawrence herself will be attending. According to Lionsgate’s announcement, the panel will feature “talent” from the films, however no specific names were mentioned. Hunger Games fans (of which there will be many at the convention) are sure to get a kick out of seeing and having their questions answered by the film’s star, however. Comic Con runs from July 18, while Catching Fire itself is being geared for a November 22 release.

Jennifer Lawrence, Cannes film Festival
J-Law will be returning for the next two films.

Jennifer Lawrence, Cannes Film Festival
Though her Comic-Con appearance is less certain.