Julianne Moore has been in the headlines all week after 10 rather expensive pieces of Cartier jewellery were stolen from her five-floor Manhattan apartment. Though we know $127,000 worth of bling disappeared, we're still in the dark as to suspects.

According to the New York Times, contractors had been working on the brownstone property earlier this year after Ms Moore was granted a permit for interior renovation and plumbing work. This week, there were no signs of construction though contractor Jesse Robertson-Tait (who has been renovating Moore's apartment) said "There's a great deal of activity." According to reports, the actress spent most of the summer filming the horror remake 'Carrie' in Montauak, though it's unclear whether the actress suspects those doing building work on her home. Her New York neighbourhood is mainly made up of graphic designers, artists, bankers and brokers though nobody recalls seeing anything suspicious over the summer. Writing student Marcela Gamboa, 20, said of Moore's place in the community, "She walks around the neighborhood alone.She seems to feel pretty safe here."

Nevertheless, the Hollywood star appears to be wanting to move away from the West Village, listing the six-bedroom property twice in the past few years, most recently for a cool $12.5 million.