Actress Julianne Moore constantly pesters her children to be nice to other kids after growing up as an outsider because of her nomadic childhood.

The Hannibal star constantly moved schools because of her father's career with the U.S. Army, and she has also admitted she was a target for bullies because of her bright red hair.

Her own experiences as a kid have prompted the star to ensure her own offspring are always welcoming to their struggling classmates.

She tells Britain's Independent newspaper, "I'm highly aware of what it is to be on the outside. Whenever you come to a new environment, you're automatically on the outside; everyone has already established a relationship. What intrigued me growing up were the people who see that you're on the outside and let you in - and the people who don't.

"I've always encouraged my children to embrace everyone, and they get sick of it. I ask them, 'Is there a new kid? Are they by themselves? Did you talk to them? Do you want to invite them over? Do you want me to call their mom?' And my kids are like, 'Urgh, mom!' I feel like both my children are very generous and they do notice, but they've been in the same school all their lives, so it's a different kind of thing."

The star has two children, Caleb, 15, and 11 year old Liv, with director Bart Freundlich.