Julianne Moore says her red hair affects her style choices.

The 53-year-old actress usually opts for black and neutral tones when it comes to her everyday clothes because her flame-coloured tresses clash with bold hues.

She said in an interview with Net-a-Porter's online magazine The Edit: ''I don't wear a lot of color because, having red hair, I carry a lot of color with me. I read a quote from an actress who said, 'Only wearing black is like not taking chances', and I was like, 'I guess I don't take chances then! I wear a lot of black!' ''

The striking star is close friends with designer Tom Ford, who cast her in his directorial debut, 2009's 'A Single Man', but doesn't think of herself as anyone's ''muse'' and says she simply enjoys the creative and fun nature of his clothing.

Julianne pondered: ''I don't know that I'm his muse. I'm definitely a friend. He's not mysterious about fashion, which I love. I don't think it's a mysterious business. I think it's something that should be a lot of fun, and expressive, and obviously have some cultural relevance.

''It's about who we are at that moment in time. He's just a great, wonderfully creative and soulful person, and a really good friend.''

The 'Carrie' actress always chooses ''unusual'' pieces because she likes to make a statement on the red carpet.

Recalling her favourite fashion moments, she said: ''The yellow Dior dress I wore at the [2012] Emmys - oh my gosh. It was such a strong silhouette. The beautiful Balenciaga with the ruffle [at the 2010 Golden Globes], that was great. I like stuff that's a little unusual. I like a dress with a bit of an edge.''