Julianne Moore studied The Kills star Alison Mosshart to get in to the mindset of playing a rocker in new film What Maisie Knew.

The Big Lebowski star fell in love with Mosshart's band, whose music features heavily throughout the movie, and decided she wanted to be just like her.

She tells Wenn, "I talked to Alison because The Kills very kindly allowed us to use their songs. I emailed her and we had this sort of email relationship. She was great and she was so supportive and so enthusiastic.

"I also had a lot of support from our music supervisor. I watched some documentaries. I looked at a lot of Patty Smith stuff and some Courtney Love things. I kind of wanted to pick up some things that were attitudinal or gestural."

And Moore got to really feel like a rock star when she shot a music video for the movie: "It plays in the background on Tv in one scene and that was actually shot after the film. I was already shooting another film because we didn't have time to do that video so we came back several months later to shoot that part."