Julianne Hough is reeling from having $100,000 worth of jewelry stolen from her car on Friday night (March 8, 2013). The actress - the girlfriend of Ryan Seacrest - was in Hollywood visiting a friend in an apartment complex, parking her Mercedes in the lot while leaving three pieces of jewellery inside the car, jewellery that Ryan had given to her.

According to TMZ.com, Julianne returned to the vehicle a few hours later, only to find the door wide open and her jewels nowhere to be seen. It's unclear whether Hough left the door unlocked, though there were no visible signs of forced entry. Though specifics are sketchy, there were 3 pieces of jewelry in the car, carrying a total value of 100k. One of the items was a watch worth $50,000 alone. Hough has not commented publically on the matter, though a police investigation is currently underway into the alleged theft.

We're guessing Seacrest isn't going to be too happy if it's discovered that Julianne left the door unlocked, though we can't imagine it'll take him long to make $100,000 and buy his girlfriend a whole new set of jewels. Maybe 24 hours, if that.

Julianne recently completed filming on Diablo Cody's new comedy 'Paradise,' about a young conservative woman suffering a crisis of faith after surviving a plane crash. British comedian Russell Brand joins Hough in the cast, as does Holly Hunter. 

Julianne HoughJulianne Hough Had $100K of Jewlery Stolen In Hollywood

Julianne Hough
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