Could Julian Fellowes recreate the success of Downton Abbey in a new series, set over the pond in America? Well, we will soon find out the answer to that question, apparently, as The New York Times have reported that Fellowes is now on board with NBC and Universal Television in America, to work on a new “sweeping epic,” entitled The Gilded Age. The show is said to be set in 1880’s New York and will focus on the wealthy communities of that time.

Fellowes speaks of his new project with excitement, saying “This was a vivid time. With dizzying, brilliant ascents and calamitous falls, of record-breaking ostentation and savage rivalry; a time when money was king.” The president of NBC Entertainment, Jennifer Salke, was reportedly “thrilled” to have Fellowes on their team for the new show and said “"Having him on our team represents a major creative coup.” Which is no real surprise, given the accolades that Downton has received over in the United States this year.

Downton Abbey may be a quintessentially British series but it’s popularity in the USA has been unprecedented. The First Lady, Michelle Obama, even put in a special request to get a sneak preview of the next series. So Fellowes clearly has the chops to connect with an American audience and we’re keen to see what he comes up with for his new drama. Currently, details of when the show will air are still unknown.