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Mendes, Wood, Ferrera And Danes Sign Up For 24 Hour Plays

26th October 2010

EVA MENDES, ELIJAH WOOD, JULIA STILES, AMERICA FERRERA and CLAIRE DANES are among the stars who have signed up for a theatrical marathon in New York's 24 HOUR PLAYS ON BROADWAY.The annual event sees actors,...

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America Ferrera To Make London Stage Debut

15th October 2010

America Ferrera is set to make her theatre debut in London's West End.The 'Ugly Betty' actress is in talks to appear in 'reasons to be pretty', which is scheduled to open n the famous UK...

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Fascinating Fact 9431

8th June 2010

JULIA STILES is preparing for a major TV role - the actress has joined the cast of hit show DEXTER. The SAVE THE LAST DANCE star will have a recurring role in season five, which...

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Mcadams Fights Off Spider-man Rumours

18th November 2009

RACHEL MCADAMS has laughed off rumours she is set to star in the upcoming SPIDER-MAN sequel, with internet gossips turning their attentions to JULIA STILES instead.The fourth installment of the web-slinging superhero adventure is said...

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Fascinating Fact 8256

30th October 2009

Hollywood stars JULIA ROBERTS, PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN and JULIA STILES are among the actors who have signed up to take part in a charity Celebrity Charades. The event, set for 7 December (09), will raise...

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Pullman And Stiles Struggle To Win Over Broadway

12th October 2009

BILL PULLMAN and JULIA STILES have earned mixed reviews from Broadway theatre critics with their revival of DAVID MAMET's play OLEANNA.The show, about the power struggle between a university professor and his female student, opened...

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Stiles Launches Joke Eco-fashion Site

21st August 2009

Actress JULIA STILES has launched a new comedy website, poking fun at stars who become eco warriors.On, the Bourne Supremacy star teams up with comedy troupe The Vacationers to promote her new "all-green clothing...

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Hollywood Marks Anniversary Of Ledger Death With Magazine Tribute

16th January 2009

MEL GIBSON, JULIA STILES and MONSTER'S BALL director MARC FORSTER have taken part in a new 10-page U.S. magazine tribute to tragic movie star HEATH LEDGER. The trio are joined by actors, actresses, screenwriters and...

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Fascinating Fact 6361

13th November 2008

Actress JULIA STILES won't have to worry when she's ready to redecorate her New York apartment - her mother has renovated the city's downtown Church Street School for Music + Art to erect her own...

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Stiles, Nixon And Schreiber Line Up For 24 Hour Plays

21st October 2008

Actors JULIA STILES, HUGH DANCY, JUSTIN LONG, CYNTHIA NIXON, ROSIE PEREZ, JULIANNA MARGUILES, LIVE SCHREIBER and BRITTANY SNOW are among the starstudded ensemble cast of this year's The 24 Hour Plays On Broadway. The event...

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Stiles To Make Broadway Debut

19th September 2008

Actress JULIA STILES is set to make her Broadway debut with a reprisal of her role in hit play OLEANNA. The Bourne Identity star first tackled the two-person show opposite Aaron Eckhart on London's West...

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Stiles Splits From Boyfriend

11th August 2008

THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM star JULIA STILES has split from her artist boyfriend JONATHAN KRAMER. The pair, who dated for more than two years, are citing "irreconcilable differences" for the break-up. And the actress doesn't seem...

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Stiles Slams Press Culture Of Rewarding Bad Behaviour

8th October 2007

Actress JULIA STILES has hit out at the tabloid media for rewarding the bad behaviour of stars such as BRITNEY SPEARS, LINDSAY LOHAN and PARIS HILTON. The Bourne Supremacy star claims extensive press coverage of...

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The Things They Say 5397

17th August 2007

"The girls get to do more interesting things than walk out of the sea in a bikini." THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM star JULIA STILES compares to the Bourne spy franchise to rival JAMES BOND....

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Stiles Wants Mcavoy

17th August 2007

Hollywood star JULIA STILES is desperate to work with LAST KING OF SCOTLAND star JAMES MCAVOY. The Bourne Ultimatum actress, 26, is a huge fan of the Scottish actor after watching his critically-acclaimed performance in...

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Stiles Screams At Changing Room Photo Snapper

16th August 2007

Actress JULIA STILES lost her temper recently - when she caught a stranger trying to take a photograph of her in a swimming pool changing room. The 26-year-old is determined to protect her anonymity and...

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Stiles: 'I'll Never Shoot A Nude Scene'

10th August 2007

JULIA STILES has vowed never to appear nude in a movie, because she's too scared it'll be turned into internet porn. The actress doesn't trust online pranksters not to edit footage of her naked. She...

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Stiles Wants To Stay B-list

10th August 2007

JULIA STILES is determined not to become an A-list star - because she hates the idea of being harassed by the press. The actress is happy with her life outside the group of hotly pursued...

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Stiles' Suicide Self-therapy

9th August 2007

Actress JULIA STILES contemplates suicide whenever she is stressed, as a way to calm her down. The actress, who plays a suicidal young woman in new period movie The Bell Jar, confesses she uses the...

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Stiles Ignores Partying, Focuses On Acting

2nd August 2007

Actress JULIA STILES refuses to party at Hollywood hotspots with celebrities like LINDSAY LOHAN and PARIS HILTON, because she's convinced the paparazzi attention would derail her career. The Bourne Supremacy star, 26, insists she's more...

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Stiles Bases Movie On Crying Stranger

28th April 2007

Actress JULIA STILES was inspired to write and direct her new short movie RAVING after being accosted by a tearful stranger on the streets of her native New York. Stiles' film is being screened at...

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Stiles' Plath Dream Is Realised

25th April 2007

Actress JULIA STILES' dream of turning writer SYLVIA PLATH's acclaimed novel The Bell Jar is taking shape - she will produce and star in the film adaptation of the book. Stiles has been wrangling for...

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Stiles To Direct Elle Film

15th September 2006

Actress JULIA STILES is set to make her directorial debut after editors at style magazine Elle gave her the OK to shoot a short film she's written. The MONA LISA SMILE star, a Columbia University...

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Langdon Launches New Band Before Bowie And Tyler

13th August 2006

British rocker ROYSTON LANGDON celebrated his new group ARCKID's first show in style last week (02AUG06), with a rooftop gig in front of father-in-law STEVEN TYLER and DAVID BOWIE. The former SPACEHOG frontman, who is...

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Stiles Scared She Upset Omen Co-star

14th June 2006

Actress JULIA STILES is terrified her young THE OMEN co-star hates her, because she remained emotionally distant from him while shooting the film. Stiles didn't want to get too close to seven-year-old SEAMUS DAVEY-FITZPATRICK, because...

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Stiles Takes Press Poll Over Hair Dilemma

10th June 2006

Actress JULIA STILES is using press interviews for horror film remake THE OMEN to gauge whether or not she should dye her hair for the next BOURNE IDENTITY sequel. The SAVE THE LAST DANCE star...

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Stiles' Madonna Worship

8th June 2006

JULIA STILES is so obsessed with pop queen MADONNA, she found it nearly impossible to control her behaviour when she finally met her idol. THE OMEN star, 25, once had to discuss a movie script...

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New Damien Spared Devil's Son Talk

7th June 2006

The young actor who plays devil child DAMIEN THORNE in the remake of horror classic THE OMEN was never told exactly who he was playing in the film over fears the realisation he was Satan's...

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The Things They Say 2191

7th June 2006

"I got yelled at going through customs in the Czech Republic. They were like, 'You need more pages in your passport!'" THE BOURNE IDENTITY star JULIA STILES' passport is overloaded with stamps from her extensive...

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The Things They Say 2186

7th June 2006

"I was almost hesitant to get involved with the movie because I was superstitious about the release date. I was so paranoid about the curse of THE OMEN." Actress JULIA STILES admits she had to...

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