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Joanna Lumley 'Insisted' On Absolutely Fabulous Movie

3rd February 2015

Joanna Lumley is the driving force behind the 'Absolutely Fabulous' movie.Jennifer Saunders is currently re-writing the script for the much-anticipated movie, but has revealed it was her co-star who been encouraging her to transform the...

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Cara Delevingne Wants Cameo In Absolutely Fabulous Movie

7th January 2015

Cara Delevingne wants a cameo role in the 'Absolutely Fabulous' movie.The 22-year-old beauty is eager to star in the much-anticipated film, in a move that would see her follow in the footsteps of Kate Moss...

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Absolutely Fabulous Script Is Written, Says Jennifer Saunders

5th January 2015

Jennifer Saunders has finished the first draft of the 'Absolutely Fabulous' movie script.The 56-year-old comedian has been working on the script for the past 12 months and has revealed she felt ''euphoric'' after finishing writing,...

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Jennifer Saunders: Absolutely Fabulous Film Won't Happen

7th December 2013

Jennifer Saunders insists the proposed 'Absolutely Fabulous' movie will never happen.The comic actress worries the show's legacy would be ''ruined'' if a spin-off movie was produced, despite revealing two years ago - when the sit-com...

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Julia Sawalha In Dispute With Kitchen Company

23rd April 2013

British actress Julia Sawalha is embroiled in a feud with a building company over allegations bosses charged her $24,000 (£15,000) without undertaking any work.The Absolutely Fabulous star recruited luxury firm Chalon to install a new...

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Jennifer Saunders Reunites With Ageing Ab Fab Cast

25th November 2011

Jennifer Saunders says she was delighted to reunite with her Absolutely Fabulous co-stars to shoot a Christmas special, but admits she couldn't help but notice a few signs of ageing, reports the Press Association.Jennifer, 53,...

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Sawalha Splits With Boyfriend

17th March 2004

CHICKEN RUN star JULIA SAWALHA has split up with her long-term TV star boyfriend ALAN DAVIES - just months after denying reports they had married. Sawalha's actress sister NADIA has revealed the pair -...

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Chicken Run Star Seeks Legal Action Over Marriage Claims

6th January 2004

LATEST: CHICKEN RUN actress JULIA SAWALHA is taking legal action over claims she secretly married comedian boyfriend ALAN DAVIES over Christmas (DEC03). The 35-year-old star - who also plays SAFFRON in ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS -...

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Chicken Run Star Hasn't Married Tv Lover

5th January 2004

LATEST: The father of CHICKEN RUN actress JULIA SAWALHA has dismissed reports she secretly married her British TV star lover ALAN DAVIES over the New Year as "rubbish". Actor NADIM SAWALHA says his 34-year-old...

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Chicken Run Star Marries Tv Lover

5th January 2004

CHICKEN RUN actress JULIA SAWALHA has secretly married her British TV star lover ALAN DAVIES. The 34-year-old star and the 37-year-old actor and comedian - who appear together in BBC series JONATHAN CREEK -...

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