Movie star Julia Roberts has been urged to seek professional help after a mysterious mole showed up on the side of her right breast during a recent photo shoot. Photographers spotted the blemish as they snapped the Pretty Woman star at a Hollywood tribute to George Clooney last week (ends20OCT06) and now cancer experts are calling for the actress to get screened. After seeing photos of the actress' mole DR CHRISTINE HORNER, a cancer expert and plastic surgeon in Taos, New Mexico, where Roberts has a home, tells US tabloid the Globe, "I would definitely remove the mole. "It is raised, pigmented and greater than a centimetre, which statistically increases the risk of it converting to malignancy." But Beverly Hills dermatologist DR DAVID STOLL insists the blemish looks as if Roberts has already had a growth removed. He adds, "It looks like a scar from the removal of a growth."