Julia Roberts still swoons over her husband after 11 years of marriage.

The 'August: Osage County' star can't believe it's been over a decade since she wed cameraman Dany Moder - with whom she has nine-year-old twins Phinnaeus and Hazel and six-year-old Henry - and still feels as though the couple are in the Honeymoon phase.

She said: ''11 years feels like 11 minutes. It's just gone by in the blink of an eye. It's really only all these kids in our house that show that a lot of time has gone by. Otherwise it feels like, you know, me buckling and swooning still.''

The 46-year-old screen icon has slowed down her career since becoming a mother and refuses to let her children watch her movies, including family film 'Mirror, Mirror', in which she plays an evil queen who bullies Snow White, played by Lily Collins.

She explained to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''It's funny - just as my kids start to figure out that I actually do this for a living, I'm doing less of it for a living. So it becomes a funnily disjointed conversation that we have about it.

''When 'Mirror, Mirror' came out a lot of their peer group saw it. That sparked the most questions, the biggest being, 'Why can't we see it?' I said, 'Well, I just don't feel good about you going to see a movie where mummy is slapping sweet Lily's face and pulling her hair.' You know? And they accepted that.''