Hear ye, hear ye: Julia Roberts is most definitely not pregnant. To. be fair, few of us here at CM even knew that was a rumor that was going around, but in case you knew and got all excited, the actress herself has spoken up to quell the gossip. Her chat wih David Letterman was mostly motherhood-related interview, with Roberts also sharing some adorable stories of her children. Apparently it's not all sunshine and roses though. 

Julia Roberts, August Osage County Premiere
The glow is not pregnancy related.

"God, I hate homework," Roberts complained. "I hated it when I had to do it then and I hate it when they have to do it now. When they come home from school, I want them back."

At 46, the iconic Hollywood actress already has three children - Hazel, Phinnaeus and Henry with husband Daniel Moder, became the subject of this week’s pregnancy rumors after paparazzi noticed her slightly different figure in photos and the rumor was spread quickly. Because, you know, no woman is allowed to look less than flawless, unless she’s pregnant (sometimes not even then, if the media frenzy around Kim Kardashian is anything to go by).

Julia Roberts, August Osage County Premiere
Not even a little bit.

But I digress. Roberts clarified the situation during her recent appearance on Letterman. When Letterman asked Roberts, "Have you thought about adding more to the group?" The actress answered quickly, "Oh, sure." When he again asked her, "Any chance?", she replied, "No." Plain and simple. Sorry, celebrity baby enthusiasts.

Watch a very endearing snippet from Roberts' Letterman appearance below.