Julia Roberts says she's finally secure about her looks.

The 'Pretty Woman' actress was recently named as the new face of French cosmetic giant Lancome - her first beauty campaign - and the mother-of three says she is now confident with her appearance.

The 42-year-old beauty told today's (14.07.10) issue of Stylist magazine: "The whole idea of modelling in my 40s, I think, is very modern and fun. There's a kind of joy and sense of fun to doing it right now, a sense of being secure in who you are that I feel today in my 40s."

While she is happy in her own skin, Julia insists she could only work with a company whose products she actually uses.

She said: "I really couldn't work with a company whose products I haven't used and enjoyed over a long period of time. I have Lancome eye cream on my counter and Hydra Zen face cream, and I love Lancome mascara and sun cream. I think that if you have very little time, eye cream and sunscreen are really the keys. And then, for make-up, always a Juicy Tube. And a little curling of the eyelashes never hurts anybody."

The 'Eat Pray Love' star joins fellow actress Kate Winslet as one of The Firm's faces and Julia says she would love to do a movie with her.

She said: "I adore her! She's an amazing actress, one of my favourites.

"And she's also really one hell of a girl! We have never worked together, sadly, but there's still time."