Bank Bag Publishing boss Reggie Boyland sued the Three 6 Mafia stars last year (14), accusing them and their label partners at Select-O-Hits, S.A.T. Entertainment Music and Scale-A-Thon Entertainment of illegally sampling the two tracks, which were recorded rap duo 8Ball & MJG in 1996, on their second album Chapter 1: The End and their 2000 compilation Three 6 Mafia Presents: Hypnotize Camp Posse, among other releases.

Boyland filed copyright applications for the songs in May, 2014, but Juicy J and DJ Paul claimed he never made it clear he was the owner of the copyright and he never included the registrations in his lawsuit.

The defendants requested to have the lawsuit dismissed, insisting Boyland did not own the copyrights, but on Thursday (05Nov15), an undisclosed settlement was reached and the case was closed, according to