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Davis Awarded Additional Damages In Defamation Case

LATEST: Actress JUDY DAVIS has won an additional $8,677 (GBP4,690) in damages in her defamation case against an Australian newspaper. The 53-year-old Australian native was...


Davis Wins $133,000 In Damages

LATEST: Actress JUDY DAVIS has been awarded $133,000 (GBP66,500) in her high profile defamation case. The Australian native, best known for her role in 1984's...

Davis Wins Australian Libel Suit

LATEST: Actress JUDY DAVIS has won a libel lawsuit against an Australian newspaper after its reporters allegedly depicted the star as a child-hater. The Australian...

Davis Hits Back At Child-hater Allegations

Actress JUDY DAVIS has testified in court against an Australian newspaper, accusing the tabloid's bosses of depicting her as a child-hater after she suggested authorities...

Summer Of Love Pioneer Helms Dies

Music promoter and Summer Of Love father CHET HELMS has died of complications from a stroke in San Francisco, California. He was 62. Helms...

T.S. Spivet Review

As he did in Amelie, French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet tells a simple fable with witty visuals, colourful characters and a warm heart. It's an utterly winning story of tenacity that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt like an outsider in their own family. Which is pretty much everyone. So even if it feels a bit light and goofy, it has a strong emotional kick.

On a sprawling Montana ranch, 10-year-old TS (Kyle Catlett) couldn't be much different from his twin brother Layton (Jakob Davis). While TS questions the laws of nature, Layton is a boyish cowboy like their dad (Callum Keith Rennie). And their teen sister Gracie (Niamh Wilson) and insect-obsessed mother (Helena Bonham Carter) are just as individualistic. So no one notices when TS enters his perpetual-motion machine into a competition and wins a top accolade from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. But the competition official (Judy Davis) hasn't a clue that TS is only 10, or that he has run away from home to hitchhike cross-country to accept his award.

Based on the Reif Larsen novel, the story has a whiff of the fantastical about it, only occasionally reflecting the real dangers the young and prodigious TS would face on his epic journey. But that's not the point: told through TS's limited perspective, this is a story about discovery. TS may think he's capable of anything a grown-up can do, but there are some very hard truths waiting both on the road and back home. And he's also about to learn that there might actually be some benefits to being a little boy.

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The Young And Prodigious T.S. Spivet

To Rome With Love Review

After Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen remains in a cheery European mode for another breezy comedy tinged with magical realism. This one's actually four separate stories that are very loosely interwoven as people struggle with the unpredictability of romance and fame. And like Midnight in Paris, it shows off Rome in the most beautiful light imaginable.

Baldwin plays an architect who returns to his student stomping grounds and meets Jack (Eisenberg), who seems to be living his old life, even as he falls for a friend (Page) of his girlfriend (Gerwig). Meanwhile, there's Leopoldo (Benigni), a dull businessman who suddenly becomes a celebrity for no reason he can see, is pursued everywhere by the paparazzi and starts to enjoy the high life. Across town, Jerry and Phyllis (Allen and Davis) arrive to meet the fiance (Parenti) of their daughter (Pill). Then Jerry pushes a future in-law (Armiliato) into becoming the latest opera sensation. Finally, a young couple arrives from the country to start a new life in the city, but the husband (Tiberi) ends up having a farcical day out with a sexy prostitute (Cruz) while the wife (Mastronardi) meets her favourite actor (Albanese).

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To Rome With Love

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