Veteran British actress Dame Judi Dench takes a vitamin supplement to boost her memory as she now struggles to recite her lines.

The 78-year-old Bond star has been unable to study scripts over the last few years due to her deteriorating eyesight, so she has friends and family read them aloud to her.

Dench has now revealed she is also struggling with her memory and is taking a supplement called Iq Enhance to help her remember the words while she is working on film and theatre projects.

She tells Britain's Channel 4 News, "I don't know how I retain it (scripts). I take that wonderful thing called Iq every morning because the Master of Magdalen (college at the University of Cambridge, England) told me about it ages ago and he said 'Oh you should take that for your memory, it's wonderful'. It is of course more difficult to remember, to retain something, but it's really a question of retaining the story."