Oscar winner Dame Judi Dench experienced one of her most nerve-racking moments at the wrap party for new movie Philomena when producers decided to show a clip from the film while she was standing right next to the woman she portrays on the screen.

Dench reveals she met with Philomena Lee before she started shooting and the woman who tracked down the son she was forced to give up for adoption gave the actress her blessing to play her, but the former James Bond star had no idea she would be watching her portrayal with Lee.

She explains, "The most traumatic thing for me was when we had the wrap party. We were all sitting around and I was talking to Philomena and then they suddenly said, 'Here's a bit of the film'. And Philomena was sitting next to me with her hand on my shoulder and we were watching this thing.

"I can't remember anything about that bit of film, all I remember is when the little boy came on I heard her say, 'Ah, God love him, look at him'. And I was terribly aware of her hand on my shoulder because this is somebody's personal story and you don't want to under-dramatise it and you don't want to over-dramatise it; you just want to be true to it. So that is the responsibility I felt."