British actress DAME Judi Dench once bared her backside to movie mogul Harvey Weinstein to show off a temporary tattoo she had inked in his honour.
The 74-year-old starred in a string of Weinstein-produced pictures and earned a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award in 1999 for Shakespeare in Love. She garnered four other Oscar nominations for their work together, as well as a host of additional prizes.
And on the day of her fifth Oscar nomination, for Mrs Henderson Presents in 2005, Dench decided to show her gratitude to Weinstein, by revealing a saucy piece of body art during a glitzy Hollywood luncheon.
Weinstein explains, "Judi Dench did six movies in a row with me and got five Academy Award nominations. She took me to the Four Seasons restaurant with a bunch of really famous, fun people. It was the day she got her fifth nomination.
"She said, 'I have a present for you'. She pulled down her pants and she had a tattoo. Its a tattoo you could wash off - 'Judi loves Harvey' - right on the rim of her butt.
"Everybody at the table was completely shocked. I think she chose it on purpose because she wanted to embarrass me and she did."