Veteran British actress Dame Judi Dench was so in awe of Clint Eastwood he took her "breath away" on the set of J. Edgar.
The Shakespeare In Love star received a personal phone call from the screen legend to ask her to star in the biopic, which he directed.
Dench was so stunned she thought the call was a prank, and admits she was left starstruck again when she finally came face-to-face with the Hollywood legend.
She tells Total Film magazine, "He rang me up at home. I thought it was my friend Brendan O'Hea. He said, 'Judi. It's Clint Eastwood.' I said, 'Oh... Come on, Brendan!'
"I went out to set and I'd still not met him. I got ready and sat down. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. My heart dropped out. There he was. He took my breath away and I was very shy. He's enormously tall, very slim and has fantastic blue eyes."