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Judge Dredd "Could Be Gay"... So What?

Karl Urban Judge Dredd

The comic book world is changing, in line with a, largely, more tolerant society. The last 60 years has seen the biggest steps taken towards greater equality and pop culture not only reflects this, but often causes it too.

So when writer Rob Williams comes out and endorses a gay Judge Dredd - one of the more stereotypically masculine comic characters out there - we should celebrate the forward thinking of the comic book universe, not threaten to burn the new issue of 2000 AD, like some fans did after finding out the story puts the futuristic lawman in a gay nightclub, Sky News reported. 

Williams said: "Sure, Dredd could be gay. You can't look at the original costume design of leather and chains and not see a fetishistic edge there. But Dredd's feeling are so deeply hidden, he is extremely unlikely to ever let them show."

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Well Whaddaya Know! Fans Anger As Judge Dredd Comes Out As Gay

Judge Dredd Sylvester Stallone

Judge Dredd is seen locking lips with a man in a gay club in the latest issue of the legendary comic book, titled 'Closet'. It shows Dredd - played on the big-screen by Sylvester Stallone - reprimanding a Mohican-haired man before grabbing him passionately and going in for a kiss!

The closing caption, according to The Sun, reads, "I guess, somehow, I'd always known I was gay. I was just too scared to admit it." Since the teaser was released online, regular readers have reportedly bombarded the writers with abusive messages and threatened to burn their back-issues of the comic. The Dredd creators - who release their latest issue in full next Wednesday (February 1, 2013), said, "We have had quite an extreme reaction.Dredd has always been satirical, while touching on serious issues. This is another example of this." Writer Rob Williams defended the move, arguing that it shouldn't be a huge surprise, "You can't look at the original costume design of leather and chains and not see a fetishistic edge there." He's got a point. He's got a very good point. Why didn't we think of that before?

Dredd is the latest comic-book hero to come out of the closet, with DC officially confirming Alan Scott - the original Green Lantern - as homosexual last year. "He's very much the character he was. He's still the pinnacle of bravery and idealism. He's also gay," DC writer James Robinson told the New York Post at the time. 

Dredd 3D Round-Up: Not Everyone Dreads The Judge

Judge Dredd Sylvester Stallone Karl Urban Olivia Thirlby Lena Headey

Judge Dredd is back! Not literally, but back in cinemas at least after nearly 20 years since Sylvester Stallone graced the screen with his portrayal of the futuristic super cop. The reboot of the franchise (now in 3D!) follows Dredd, who still serves as judge, jury and executioner, as he and a trainee cop team up against a sizeable chunk of the criminal world in a bid to take down a gang that deals the reality-altering drug, SLO-MO. A heavily covered up Karl Urban takes on the lead role with Olivia Thirlby as his young sidekick and Lena Headey as the overseer of a huge criminal empire.

The film currently lies with a 77% ‘Fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes and so far has proved to be a surprise hit with some critics, whilst others have been a little less forgiving to the ultra-violent depiction of the future. Both the New York Times and Los Angeles Times have given the film a thorough drubbing, both stating that the film is chock full of lousy ideas and “disposable character” as well as “clunk-headed action.”

However not all have been so harsh, with the majority of reviews applauding the visuals and the gritty style the film was made in. One reviewer for the Daily Telegraph summed the film up well and frank enough, saying, “It's really quite good.” The film is in cinemas now.

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